Monday, February 19, 2007

Saving for posterity

I tripped across a dandy of a post on Baghead Ray's blog, Fred Wilpon Is The Devil. It was originally posted back on december 1, 2004, regarding the new york mets management's 'big powwow' on the MSG messageboard. it's pretty funny and I'm glad Baghead Ray decided to save it.

First reports are filtering in... things got off to an awkward start when Bill Livesey, Al Goldis, Sandy Johnson and Tony Bernazard all attempted to sit in the two chairs labeled "SUPERSCOUTS" at the same time.
  • Jeff: hmm, let's see. Bill, you sit on Sandy's lap. Tony, you sit on Al's lap.
  • Fred: shut up, Jeffy. No, Bill and Al are the superscouts. you other two. Who are you? anyways, just stand behind them.
  • Omar: wait a sec. I hired my own superscouts and I have full autonomy. I want them to sit.
  • Fred: Oh ****. Yeah. okay, you two guys sit then, and Bill and Al, you can kneel on either side of my throne.
  • Bruce: daddy, I thought Jeffy and I kneel beside you?
  • Fred: oh ****. Let's take a two hour break and get Briq to draw up a damn seating chart!
  • Briq: I need a pen and some paper.
... two hours later. seating chart is made. more folding chairs are brought into the rooom. everyone's seated.

Click here: Saving for posterity for the rest of this Hilarius re-enactment of the ultimate crime against the Mets faithful.

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